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IronDome is an advanced cybersecurity solution that fortifies networks with unrivaled resilience. This cutting-edge system leverages AI to identify, neutralize, and adapt to threats, ensuring your digital world remains secure and your business, uninterrupted.

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IronDo.me DNS provides top-tier, automated online protection, inspired by the technological prowess of Israel's Iron Dome Defense System. We specialize in defending proactively against malware, viruses, phishing, and scams, with a strong commitment to your privacy and security. Our service goes beyond mere defense against threats; it also ensures your anonymity, keeping your online identity confidential and secure.

With IronDome, Secure Days are the Norm, Not the Exception.IronDome DNS ensures your privacy by never logging your activity, while also concealing your DNS queries from direct contact with providers like Google and Cloudflare.

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Secure Your Digital Frontier with Swap TC IronDo.me

Discover the power of secure browsing with IronDome's Free Public DNS. Designed for the modern digital age, it offers not only enhanced internet connectivity but also robust protection for your online activities. Our service stands as a guardian of your digital privacy, anonymizing DNS requests without logging your data.

IronDo.me DNS Features


Domain Name System Security Extensions
DNSSEC enhances the security of the Domain Name System (DNS) by adding a layer of cryptographic authentication to DNS responses. It protects users from various kinds of attacks such as cache poisoning and man-in-the-middle attacks, where an attacker redirects traffic from a legitimate website to a fraudulent one. By validating the digital signatures in DNS responses, DNSSEC ensures that the information a user receives from DNS is authentic and hasn't been tampered with, thereby increasing trust in internet navigation.

Malware blocking

Malware Blocking is a protective feature of our DNS service that actively blocks requests to known malicious domains. This proactive measure significantly reduces the risk of your devices being infected by malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats. When a user attempts to access a site that's identified as dangerous, our DNS service will intervene and prevent the connection, thus providing an additional layer of security to your online activities.

ECS Disabled

EDNS Client Subnet Disabled
ECS Disabled refers to the disabling of the EDNS Client Subnet (ECS) feature in our DNS service. The ECS extension of DNS improves the accuracy of geolocation-based services by providing a portion of the user's IP address to the authoritative DNS server. However, disabling ECS enhances user privacy by not revealing the client's subnet to the authoritative server. This means that your general location or specific IP address details are not shared with external DNS servers, ensuring a higher degree of privacy and anonymity while using our DNS service.

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We are Swap TC Inc., a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts committed to protecting your digital world. Our mission is to offer innovative, robust, and user-friendly security solutions like IronDome that help businesses safeguard their network, data, and information. Trust in our experience, expertise, and passion for security as we journey together in creating a safer digital space.

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At Swap TC Inc., we understand that each business is unique, with distinct security requirements and budget considerations. That's why our IronDome deployment pricing is flexible and tailored to your organization's specific needs. Our team works closely with you to understand your security infrastructure and goals, then crafts a solution that provides the utmost protection without overextending your budget. With IronDome, comprehensive cybersecurity is within reach, irrespective of your business size or industry.Get in touch with us today to discover how IronDome can elevate your security strategy, protect against cyber threats, and adapt to your unique needs, creating a secure digital environment for your business to thrive.

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